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HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Dive into web development! This beginner-friendly guide teaches you HTML for structure and CSS for styling. Build user-friendly websites without complex coding.

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About thIS book

Build Beautiful Websites Without Coding: Your Beginner's Guide to HTML & CSS

Tired of relying on others to build your website? "HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders" empowers YOU to take control and create stunning websites without needing any prior coding experience. This beginner-friendly guide breaks down the fundamentals of HTML and CSS into easy-to-understand steps, making web development accessible to everyone.

Through engaging explanations, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples, you'll learn how to:

  • Structure your website: Master the basics of HTML, the building block of web pages, allowing you to define the content and layout of your website.
  • Style your website: Explore the power of CSS, the language that controls the visual appearance of your website, enabling you to customize fonts, colors, and overall design.
  • Bring your website to life: Combine HTML and CSS to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites without writing a single line of complex code.

Design Your Dream Website: Learn the Basics of HTML & CSS with No Programming Experience

Ever dreamt of creating your own website but felt discouraged by coding? "HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders" makes your dream a reality! This practical guide provides a step-by-step approach for learning the essentials of HTML and CSS, with no prior programming experience required.

Through interactive exercises, clear visuals, and engaging projects, you'll discover how to:

  • Craft the foundation: Grasp the core concepts of HTML, allowing you to structure your website and define its content in a clear and organized manner.
  • Style your vision: Unleash the power of CSS to personalize your website's appearance. Learn how to control colors, fonts, layouts, and create a visually stunning design that reflects your unique style.
  • Turn ideas into reality: Combine your newfound knowledge of HTML and CSS to build the website you've always envisioned, transforming your ideas into a functional and beautiful online presence.

By the end of this journey, you'll be well-equipped to build your own website from scratch, confidently navigating the world of web development. "HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders" is your key to unlocking your creativity and building a website that reflects your unique vision.

Upon completing this journey, you'll possess the essential skills to design and build your dream website. The course "HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders" enables you to break free from limitations and take command of your online presence, unlocking countless creative possibilities.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Internet and How It Works

1.1 Overview of the Internet

1.2 Introduction to Web Development

1.3 Exercises: Identify Types of Websites and Their Purposes

1.4 Project: Create a Simple Document Describing What You Hope to Build

Summary of Chapter 1: The Internet and How It Works

Chapter 2: Introduction to HTML

2.1 What is HTML?

2.2 Basic Structure of an HTML Page

2.3 Understanding Tags, Elements, and Attributes

2.4 Practical Exercises: Create a Basic HTML Page with Paragraphs, Headings, and Links

2.5 Project: Build a Personal Bio Page

Chapter 3: Introduction to CSS

3.1 What is CSS?

3.2 How CSS Works with HTML

3.3 Basic CSS Syntax

3.4 Exercises: Style Your Bio Page with Simple CSS

3.5 Project: Enhance the Personal Bio Page with CSS

Quiz Part I: Introduction to Web Development

Questions of HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Answer Key of HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Chapter 4: Working with Text and Lists

4.1 Structuring Text in HTML

4.2 Creating Lists

4.3 Exercises: Create a Recipe Page with Structured Text and Lists

4.4 Project: Build a Blog Post Page

Chapter 4 Summary of Working with Text and Lists

Chapter 5: Adding Images and Links

5.1 Embedding Images

5.2 Creating Internal and External Links

5.3 Exercises: Add Images and Links to Your Blog Post Page

5.4 Project: Create a Photo Gallery Page

Chapter 5 Summary of Adding Images and Links

Chapter 6: Structuring Web Pages

6.1 Understanding the Box Model

6.2 Using Divs and Spans

6.3 Implementing Navigation

6.4 Exercises: Structure Your Bio Page with Navigation and Sections

6.5 Project: Build a Simple Website Structure with a Home Page, About Page, and Contact Page

Quiz Part II: Building Blocks of Web Pages

Questions of Quiz Part II: HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Answer Key of Quiz Part II: HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Chapter 7: Advanced CSS Styling

7.1 Advanced Selectors

7.2 Working with Fonts and Icons

7.3 Introduction to Flexbox and Grid

7.4 Exercises: Apply Advanced CSS Techniques to Your Simple Website

7.5 Project: Design a Responsive Layout for Your Website

Chapter 8: Forms and User Input

8.1 Creating Forms in HTML

8.2 Styling Forms with CSS

8.3 Exercises: Create and Style a Contact Form

8.4 Project: Add a Functional Contact Form to Your Website

Chapter 8 Summary of Forms and User Input

Chapter 9: Embedding Multimedia and Interactive Elements

9.1. Adding Video and Audio

9.2 Embedding Maps and Other Media

9.3 Exercises: Embed a Video and a Map to the Contact Page

9.4 Project: Create an Interactive Product Showcase Page

Chapter 9 Summary of Embedding Multimedia and Interactive Elements

Quiz Part III: Advanced HTML and CSS

Questions of Quiz Part III: HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Answer Key of Quiz Part III: HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Chapter 10: Planning and Designing Your Web Project

10.1 Understanding Web Design Principles

10.2 Planning Your Project: Online Portfolio and Landing Page for a Digital Product

10.3 Wireframing and Prototyping

10.4 Exercises: Plan and Wireframe a Personal Project Website

Chapter 10 Summary of Planning and Designing Your Web Project

Chapter 11: Building Your Project

11.1. Project 1: Building an Online Portfolio

11.2 Additional Consideration: Portfolio as a Career Tool

11.3 Project 2: Building a Landing Page for a Digital Product

11.4 Additional Consideration: Marketing and Promotion

Chapter 11 Summary of Planning and Designing Your Web Project

Chapter 12: Launching Your Website

12.1 Web Hosting Basics

12.2 Domain Names and SSL Certificates

12.3 SEO Basics and Analytics

12.4 Special Considerations for Online Portfolios and Digital Product Landing Pages

12.5 Practical Exercises of Chapter 12: Launching Your Website

Quiz Part IV: Final Project and Beyond

Questions of Quiz Part IV: HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders

Answer Key of Quiz Part IV: HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders


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Frank Bussey

"HTML and CSS Easy for Non-Coders, A Practical Guide to Web Development for Beginners: From Zero to Web Hero, Simplifying HTML and CSS for Absolute Beginners" is a thorough and accessible guide that breaks down web development into manageable steps. It should be on the shelf for reference. The included quizzes are invaluable for reinforcing learning. Highly recommended for anyone looking to dive into web development!

Review from Amazon


This is a great book, a breath of fresh air for anyone who has ever felt intimidated by the prospect of learning web development. It breaks down the barriers of technical jargon and complex concepts, making the journey into HTML and CSS not only manageable but genuinely enjoyable. The inclusion of an accessible repository code is a standout feature. Having all the code blocks in the book available for easy manipulation is beneficial, allowing for hands-on learning without the frustration of typing errors. It is highly recommended!

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